232 – Building belonging: Nurturing & strengthening inclusive communities for tenant by tenants

October 27, 2023

Creating inclusive and vibrant communities is a goal shared by housing professionals, community organizers, policymakers, and residents. This conference session is dedicated to exploring effective strategies and best practices for fostering inclusivity, vibrancy, and a strong sense of community in diverse housing settings from the perspective of tenants. Through engaging presentations, interactive discussions, and real-life case studies, attendees will gain valuable insights into the elements that contribute to inclusive and vibrant communities.

The session will explore key factors such as community engagement, social cohesion, cultural diversity, arts and culture programming, and the use of shared spaces. Experts in community development, placemaking, and social equity will share their experiences and expertise, offering practical guidance on fostering a culture of inclusivity and vibrancy. Attendees will learn about successful community-building initiatives, innovative approaches to programming and events, and strategies for creating environments that encourage interaction, creativity, and social connections among residents.

Presented By

Stephen Rogers

Vice-Chair at Houselink Mainstay

Alana Rom

Tenant at Houselink Mainstay

Heinz Klein

Member of TPAC at Houselink Mainstay

Nicole Pal

Development Manager, Affordable Housing at SHS Consulting Inc

Aminda Galappaththi

Executive Operating Officer at Calgary Housing Company

Matthew Godfrey

Strategic Business Analyst at Calgary Housing Company