112 – Illuminating Black people’s housing history, contributions & cultural expressions

October 26, 2023

Connect with experts in an engaging conversation that promises to be participatory, informative, and thought-provoking. This session will serve as a crucial platform to establish a foundational understanding of the distinct racialized housing precarity and discrimination faced by Black individuals in Canada.

Through unpacking the dimensions of this pressing issue, panelists will guide participants in comprehending the complex factors that contribute to housing inequities within Black communities. Drawing upon a high-level historical timeline, the session will highlight notable examples of Black Canadian housing advocacy, showcasing the resilience and determination of individuals and organizations fighting for change. In addition, this session will explore the unique housing typologies developed by Black communities and their invaluable contributions to the housing sector.

Participants will gain insights into innovative approaches for Black housing provision, examining successful models that have been implemented. Through applied housing design scenarios, attendees will have the opportunity to envision inclusive and culturally-responsive solutions for Little Jamaica. The conversation will touch upon key considerations, such as preserving community heritage, fostering economic development, and ensuring housing affordability within the cultural district. As a participatory and conversational presentation, this session encourages active engagement from attendees. Together, let us strive for equitable and inclusive housing for all.

Presented By

Jay Pitter

Principal Placemaker at Jay Pitter Placemaking & Adjunct Urban Planning Professor at University of Waterloo

Colleen James

CEO and Principal Consultant at Divonify Incorporated