131 – Introduction to affordable housing by Cahdco

October 26, 2023

Cahdco (previously known as the Centretown Affordable Housing Development Corporation), is a non-profit real estate developer that is focussed on increasing Canada’s affordable housing by developing projects, consulting, knowledge sharing, and network-building.

The Cahdco Affordable Housing 101 covers the basic information a non-profit need to know to create affordable housing in Canada. Cahdco identifies the different types of affordable housing (mixed, supportive, etc.), types of development (new construction, acquisition, redevelopment), 3 core elements (land, capital & capacity) to a project, the project team, development stages and the financial basics to make your project viable. Throughout the presentation Cahdco demonstrates the content through case study examples of recently completed affordable housing projects.

Presented By

Graeme Hussey

President at Cahdco

Paige Waldock

Toolbox+ Manager at Cahdco

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