222 – Plancher: Impacting large-scale change through collaboration and innovation

October 27, 2023

To maintain and grow our sector, we must think differently! Plancher is a sector-wide, collaborative pilot project created in Quebec that aims to finance the maintenance and development of community housing using the billion-dollar assets owned by community housing providers.

Through the financial involvement of credit unions, banks, real estate investors and philanthropic organizations, as well as the regulatory and financial support of governments and their agencies, we are currently creating a $1.5B fund.

This fund has the potential to generate alternative revenue sources for community housing providers, finance their retrofitting and development projects at advantageous interest rates. It could also simplify and accelerate land development and the use of the right of first refusal for municipalities.

Learn all about Plancher—from the ins-and-outs of the initiative itself, to its stakeholders, achievements, and how Plancher can be reproduced across Canada.

Presented By

Stephan Richard

Director of Development at Community Housing Transformation Centre