132 – The housing spectrum: Growing up and growing out

Join us for an impactful conference session that analyzes the critical issue of supporting youth who age out of social housing in their search for stable housing options. As these young individuals transition into adulthood, they often face unique challenges and vulnerabilities in securing affordable and safe housing. This session aims to explore effective strategies and initiatives that can be implemented to address growing out of social housing.

During this session, a panel of experts, including social workers, housing advocates, policymakers, and representatives from youth-focused organizations, will come together to share their insights and experiences in supporting youth who age out of social housing. Through engaging presentations and interactive discussions, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the key barriers faced by these youth and the innovative solutions being implemented to mitigate those challenges. Our panelists will explore a range of topics, including transitional housing programs, supportive services, financial assistance, and community partnerships that can help youth navigate the transition into independent living successfully.