233 – What is your vision beyond EOM? Preparing housing providers for end-of-mortgage negotiations

October 27, 2023

As housing providers near the end of their operating agreements (EOA) or mortgage terms (EOM), it is crucial to be well-prepared and informed before entering negotiations with service managers. The outcomes post EOM/EOA will look different for each organization as they strive for long-term sustainability.

Join a panel of experts, including a consultant from the ONPHA Sector Transformation Enterprise Program (STEP), an experienced housing provider, a housing professional, and a service manager, to gain valuable insights and practical guidance on how to navigate the complexities of planning for EOA/EOM.

Learn about the data and modelling required to develop a master plan, strategic options for reducing the financial and operational impacts of EOA/EOM and working proactively with your service manager. Through interactive discussions hear about the successes but also understand the key considerations and challenges that could arise during the planning and negotiations for EOA/EOM.

Presented By

Sarah Button

Executive Director at Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation

Hans Kogel

President at Haerko Inc.

Kerry Hobbs

Director, Sector Services at Housing Services Corporation (HSC)

Sherry White

Supervisor, Housing & Support Providers at Region of Waterloo

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