211 – Whose stories are you telling? Lessons in equity-informed storytelling

October 27, 2023

Storytelling is a powerful tool within communications and public relations strategies, capable of driving perception and effecting behavioral change. However, as housing providers, it is crucial that we recognize the potential impact of stories in upholding power dynamics and perpetuating oppression. In this conference session, through the exploration of case studies and interactive discussions, we will introduce essential tools to help housing providers adopt an equity lens when crafting narratives.

Attendees will learn valuable approaches to understanding biases and challenging preconceptions within storytelling practices. The session will emphasize the importance of creating space for marginalized perspectives, ensuring that narratives reflect the diverse experiences and realities of those impacted by housing inequalities. By integrating a trauma-informed approach to content creation, housing providers can communicate sensitively and responsibly, respecting the experiences and vulnerabilities of individuals and communities.

Presented By

Sara Goldvine

VP Equity and Corporate Affairs at BC Housing