Convince your boss

Convincing your boss to let you attend the 2024 ONPHA Conference in Ottawa requires a bit of planning and effective communication.  

Here’s a step-by-step approach you can take: 

Step 1: Research 

Gather information about the Conference. Highlight key sessions and speakers that align with your professional development goals and the organization’s objectives. 

Step 2: Create a proposal

Draft a formal proposal outlining the benefits of attending the Conference. Include details such as dates, registrations fees, and any associated costs (travel, accommodation, meals).  

Step 3: Outline Learning Objectives

Be clear about what you hope to gain from attending the Conference. Explain how the knowledge and skills acquired will benefit your role and contribute to the organization’s success. Provide concrete examples.

Step 4: Highlight networking opportunities 

Emphasize the networking opportunities available. Explain how as one of the largest gatherings of its kind in North America, the Conference offers a unique opportunity to forge strategic connections and expand your professional network.  

Step 5: Showcase the Return on Investment

Explain how the knowledge and connections gained can directly impact your work performance, productivity, and contribution to the organization’s bottom line.  

Step 6: Provide options

If budget constraints are a concern, consider alternative options such as attending only on ONPHA U day or the Community in Action event. Offer to cover some of the expenses yourself or explore discounted registration rates for early booking and group rates.

Step 7: Offer a plan of action

Provide a detailed plan of action for your absence during the event. Outline how you will manage your workload, delegate tasks, and ensure minimal disruption to ongoing projects. 

By following these steps and presenting a well-researched and compelling proposal, you can increase the likelihood of convincing your boss to let you attend the 2024 ONPHA Conference in Ottawa. You can also download our email template to help you write out your arguments.