223 – Financing affordable housing with the power of community 

October 27, 2023

This session will introduce the concept of community financing for affordable housing preservation and development.

Tapestry Community Capital will provide an overview of the social finance landscape in Canada and introduce the innovative financing mechanism that is rapidly gaining recognition across the country – the Community Bond.

Similar to a regular bond, they are an interest-bearing loan, however they also generate a social return for investors. To date, Tapestry has supported Canadian non-profits to unlock over $100 million dollars in community investments to fund 61 capital projects. Community bonds allow organizations to set their own financing terms and raise funds on a predictable timeline. While unlocking private capital, they also build a powerful sense of community ownership. Residents, neighbours, and local businesses alike can all invest to improve their community, while earning a fair return.

Two Ontario-based housing organizations will share how community investment has helped to bring their portfolio of projects to life and their plans to continue engaging their supporters through community bonds to achieve greater scale.

Presented By

Jody Curry

President at Places for People

Fay Martin

Vice-President at Places for People

Satyameet Singh Ahuja

Campaign Manager at Tapestry Community Capital

Dominique Russell

Co-chair at Kensington Market Community Land Trust

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