Opening Plenary #1 – “The View: Changing landscapes and truths from sector leaders”

October 26, 2023

In this thought-provoking opening plenary, we’ll set the stage for an inspiring journey through the evolving landscape of affordable housing. Join us as we pose the most significant questions and engage in candid conversations with today’s sector leaders who are actively shaping the future of housing. From the grassroots to the boardroom, we’ll share honest insights and experiences, providing a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Get ready to gain new insights and be inspired by the collective vision of our sector’s leaders. 

Presented By

Angela Cooke

Assistant Deputy Minister at Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Romy Bowers

President and Chief Executive Officer at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Jag Sharma

Deputy City Manager for Development & Growth Services at the City of Toronto

Marlene Coffey

CEO, Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

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